Tell Me A Lie
One Direction


I know I’m just wantonly reblogging all these tracks but this is legit one of my favorite 1d songs and probably pop songs ever cool cool

God this selfie tag is going to kill me, you are all maiming me with your hotness and loveliness I’m going to shave my head and live in a field of berry bushes and just admire you forever


steph tagged me so here the things. i think everyone asleep/done this already so \o/ if u haven’t consider this me tagging u

i spend a lot of time in bathtubs and surrounded by trash

I’m A-List, But My Dates Still Hate My Outfits: A Kim K Hollywood Drama


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☯✞ Follow for more soft cheese ✞☯

Barcelona, Spain. July 9, 2014 x

Barcelona, Spain. July 9, 2014 x


never did this SO

I’ve been at work for 45 minutes and though I’ve yet to actually do anything relating to my job title, I’ve assigned myself a personal project to make hannah hart fall in love with me. So far it has 3 parts and one of those includes moving across the country.

5 Seconds of Summer


so tell me what else can I do, I bought my fake ID for you


  • lou teasdale: i think ill wear a suit with some hot cleavage for the wedding
  • harry: ....
  • lou: ....
  • harry: ...
  • lou: ....
  • harry: well one of us is gonna have to change

Happy 7th birthday, Deathly Hallows!